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InaKtif MGP (dp-ucMGP)

Product Description

An automated assay for the quantitative determination of the inactive dephosphorylated-uncarboxylated (dp-uc) isoform of Matrix Gla-Protein (MGP) in human plasma on the IDS-iSYS Multi-Discipline Automated System. Measurement of dp-ucMGP are used in the assessment of vitamin K status in the arterial vessel wall.

  • Utilise conformation-specific monoclonal antibodies to ensure accurate dp-ucMGP circulating levels
  • Correlated to the widely published lab-develop dp-ucMGP ELISA assay method
  • Wide assay range suitable for Chronic Kidney Disease, Haemodialysis and Vitamin K Antagonist treated patients
  • First fully automated CE marked IVD dp-ucMGP test for achieving fast and highly reproducible results for diagnostic and follow up of patients
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InaKtif MGP (dp-ucMGP)


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