30% of the adult population suffer from hypertension and in 15-20% of these patients it may be due to endocrine causes such as Primary Aldosteronism (PA).  In another 5% of patients the elevated blood pressure is due to Renovascular Hypertension 1,2,3.

In PA excess, aldosterone levels may be produced due to an adenoma (Conn’s syndrome) or hyperplasia 4. Patients with this condition are at a stronger risk of heart disease and stroke than those with essential hypertension 4. PA patients also have higher cardiovascular morbidity and mortality than age and sex-matched patients with essential hypertension. According to the Endocrine Society guidelines, both Renin and Aldosterone need to be measured as an elevated Aldosterone to Renin ratio (ARR) is the screening test indicative for the presence of PA 5. The measurement of Renin itself can also be used to stratify risk in essential hypertension patients.

The fully automated IDS hypertension panel consolidates the testing of Aldosterone and Renin with simple and fast quantitative immunoassay methods.

  • Direct measurement. No extraction needed
  • Fully automated testing process
  • Quick turnaround time between prescription and result
  • Only 1 plasma sample required
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Endocrine Hypertension Immunoassays

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