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Employee Stories: Sales

Working in sales for IDS is fast-paced. Many products have deep scientific backgrounds and require in-depth discussions with clinicians, lab managers and even procurement. Working in sales requires a dynamic set of skills and experience, and provides opportunities for a great career.

Johannes’s Career with IDS – From Account Manager to Sales Manager for Germany and the Netherlands

My educational background is in Biomedical Engineering and, after completing my studies, I started out my career as an Application Specialist. In 2007 I joined IDS as an Account Manager covering South Germany. I learned to use my technical knowledge to demonstrate the use and advantages of IDS products to potential customers. IDS launched their first automated analyser, the IDS-iSYS, in 2009 which opened new opportunities for me to explore Marketing, Sales Management and Technical fields. With these new career paths open to me, the Company allowed me to choose an alternative area in which to focus my career.

I decided to move into sales, and the company supported me with a comprehensive training and development plan. I became involved in so many different aspects within the field of sales – an exciting time.

In 2012, I was promoted to Sales Manager for Germany and the Netherlands, and today my team consists of six people.

It has been a great challenge and opportunity for me to re-direct my career and to experience personal growth within a growing company. To my own surprise, the highlight of this experience is that the success has led to my achievement of being awarded sales person of the year for two years in a row. The challenge continues…thank you IDS!

Johannes, Germany & the Netherlands Sales Manager

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