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Employee Stories

See life at IDS through the eyes of our employees.

Sales Support Manager

I look after customers all around the world.

My team provide customers with all the support they need, such as processing orders, tracking shipments, supplying product specifications as well as pricing and quotations. Customers include our international distributors as well as our direct customers.

My favourite time of the year is the last quarter. I work very closely with the senior management team to support my colleagues to meet our end of year targets. I feel like I am a really important part of IDS during this time. I work with the CEO, International Sales, and Finance getting everything together to achieve our end of year targets.

The part of my role I enjoy the most is working internationally. Being involved with IDS globally, I have learned the difference in cultures, and I have learned to adapt in order to achieve results in different markets.

Three words to describe my role are; Fast Paced, Enjoyable and Satisfying.

International Field Application Specialist

My role is to support customers who are using our instrument in their work.

I work closely with the applications team based in France and the International applications team. I support customers remotely, on phone and email, which means a lot of my work is responsive and variable day to day.

My favourite part of my role is delivering training courses around France and Europe for customers and distributors, helping them to become more independent and comfortable with our instrument.

This not only brings me a sense of fulfilment in helping people develop the technical skills required to operate our product range, but I also enjoy meeting new people and building relationships.
The most rewarding part of my job for me is getting to travel and network with some truly brilliant people across a wide range of fields of work.

Three words to describe my role are; Diverse, Challenging and Rewarding.

Quality Control Technician

My role deals largely with product control in the assays we manufacture here at our production site.

Working as part of the Quality Control department, its my job to ensure what we produce meets the proper standards and specifications; we have a range of strict criteria which our products need to meet before they can be shipped out.

The work I do can essentially be broken down into two phases which is conducting a wide variety of experiments on the production phase of assays as well as testing new products. I really take pride in the high degree of accuracy needed when monitoring product effectiveness, specifications and any issues which need to be addressed. I thrive off deliver results and seeing the quality the work we produce at IDS.

I am also responsible for documenting the test results from the day for further analysis. Again, accuracy is crucial here and we have a range of quality control procedures in place during this process to double-check that everything is in order.

Team work is essential for this department and is the most enjoyable part of my role.

Three words to describe my role are: Responsible, Methodical and Stimulating.

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