Expanding the IDS Allergy Panel

We are excited to announce that we have added 7 new clinically relevant allergens to our portfolio, expanding to 67 allergens since our launch last year.

The first screening mix is now available to help in the diagnosis of grass allergies. The tree nuts Hazelnut, Almond and Pistachio, which belong to the ‘Big 8’ of allergenic foods, further complement the nut allergens in the portfolio. Measurement of Specific IgE antibodies, against these nuts, helps with diagnosing and identifying nut allergies.

We also welcome allergenic molecules (components) nGal d 1 and rPen a 1; they are associated with more severe symptoms to egg whites and shrimp, respectively. Furthermore, rOle e 1 (Olive tree) can be useful in identifying patients that will respond to Immunotherapy.

Together with our partner Omega Diagnostics, we continue our Allergy panel expansion to offer a clinically relevant portfolio, including allergen extracts, components and mixes which are developed in line with recognized testing guidelines.

We provide laboratories with reliable immunoassays allowing them to meet their key testing needs and to optimize their routine in allergy testing. The easy-to-use IDS-iSYS instrument increases productivity with a throughput of 450 allergy tests / day, a time-to-first result of 40 mins and a true random-access capability to also run allergy together with other IDS immunoassays, such as autoimmunity, infectious disease or endocrinology.