A study comparing IDS Calprotectin and DiaSorin Calprotection was recently published in the Diagnostics journal.

The study had two objectives

Validation of IDS Calprotectin and IDS Calprotectin Extraction Device:

  • Method validation for repeatability and sample stability.
  • Assessment of extraction time and convenience.

Comparison of IDS Calprotectin to DiaSorin Calprotectin:

  • Extraction of 379 samples with IDS Calprotectin Extraction Device and manual weighing method.
  • Analysis with IDS Calprotectin and LIAISON Calprotectin.

The study came to the following conclusions:

  • IDS Calprotectin demonstrated good analytical performances.
  • IDS Calprotectin gave similar results to the DiaSorin Calprotectin.
  • IDS outperformed DiaSorin in the identification of more IBD and IBS patients, rather than equivocal classification.
  • IDS Calprotectin extraction device is user-friendly and less time-consuming than DiaSorin.

You can read the full study on PubMed.