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Our Locations

IDS has five sites across Europe. Our global headquarters are located in Boldon, United Kingdom.

Please click on the map below to find out more about each of our sites.


Pouilly, France

IDS France was founded in 1973 and is home to the IDS automated instrument.

Here we have highly skilled Research and Development Mechanical Engineers who work on our current i10 Instrument and who are also developing a new i20 device alongside our new R&D Software design and engineering team. We also manufacture and distribute the instrument at this site.

Our build quality and instrument performance have also interested third parties over recent years, and today we build instruments for industrial partners. (correct?)

Local support functions based here include Finance, Purchasing, QA, RA, and Technical Support.

Spello, Italy

The site in Italy was acquired by IDS in 2014 and is known as DiaMetra. Diametra was founded in 1996 and specialise in the Research and Development, and Manufacturing of manual invitro diagnostic devices.

Activities at the Spello site include the production of own brand products, customised branded products and unlabelled products.

At this site, we have support functions which include Sales Support, Finance, and QA RA.

Liege, Belgium

The Liege site was founded in 1989 due it its relationship with the University of Liege.

It is the centre for the production and development of IDS automated assays and ancillaries for the use on the IDS range of analysers. We produce around 170,000 assay kits per year and have five R&D teams working on various development projects related to automated assays.

The site has around 70 employees who work in Operations, Research and Development, and administrative functions.

Frankfurt, Germany

IDS Deutschland GmbH was established in 2004 and is our only non-manufacturing site.

This site is a Sales Support centre covering most of Europe. Sales administration is based here for all French, Scandinavian, Benelux, and German markets. It is also the main hub for Technical and Field Service providing commercial and technical support to our distribution network. We also have a training laboratory at this site, where we invite customers to be trained on the use on our Multi-Discipline Automated System.

Boldon, UK

IDS Boldon is our global headquarters occupying a single multi-disciplined site.

This site focuses on the research and development, manufacture, and distribution of manual immunoassay products.

On site Purchasing, Logistics, Production, Quality Control and Process Development departments manage the supply chain supported by local Sales Support, Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs and Finance Departments.

As Group Headquarters, IDS Boldon also houses Group functions to support the global network of IDS subsidiaries. This includes IT, Legal Counsel, Human Resources, and the Executive Team.

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