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Corporate History

1. Early Years

1977: IDS is established as RIA UK Limited
1982: IDS functions of product development, manufacturing, product support and distribution are established
1990: Headquarters in Boldon open

2. Pioneering Calcium Metabolism

1995: IDS launches the first 1,25 vitamin D product in the European and Japanese markets
1998: IDS launches the first 25D RIA product
1999: IDS receives a Queen’s Award for Technical Achievement

3. Expanding Into International Markets

2003: IDS Inc., Arizona USA established
2004: IDS GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany established
2005: IDS S.A. Paris, France established
2006: IDS receives a Queen’s Award for the second time, in International Trade
2007: IDS opens research and production facilities in Liege, Belgium and Pouilly, France

4. Automation and Portfolio Expansion

2007: IDS acquires automated immunoassay platform
2009: Launch of automated 25D
2009: IDS launches its first fully-automated bone product IDS-iSYS PINP and growth product IDS-iSYS human Growth Hormone (hGH)
2010: IDS launches 3 newly developed, fully-automated assays:

2013: US FDA grants clearance for 1,25-dihidroxy vitamin D assay for use on the IDS-iSYS system

5. Re-defining our Strategy – Focus on Endocrinology Specialty Assays

2013: IDS enters the Chinese and Brazilian markets
2014: IDS is focused on developing an endocrinology specialty menu
2014: IDS works with partners to develop assay panels in complementary fields
2014: IDS acquires DiaMetra S.r.l, (DiaMetra) as part of this new strategy

6. IDS becomes part of the Revvity family

2021: IDS is acquired by Revvity

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