Strategic Vision


As a leading diagnostics company, we aim to serve the needs of clinical laboratories worldwide by developing and supplying innovative solutions. Our high quality products improve laboratory efficiency and provide fast and accurate solutions for diagnosis and therapy monitoring.

Our vision is to be a leading in-vitro diagnostic solution provider to the clinical laboratory diagnostic market. Our strategy is focused on developing, internally and through partnership, our assay menu for our proprietary immunoassay analyser, the IDS-iSYS Multi-Discipline Automated System.


Strategic Priorities

  • Internal R&D focus on expanding endocrinology specialty menu
  • Work with partners to develop a broader complementary assay menu
  • Enhance IDS-iSYS Multi-Discipline Automated System to retain competitive edge
  • Release new Multi-Discipline Automated System
  • Implement scalable manufacturing capabilities
  • Evolve infrastructure to achieve operational excellence
  • Focused segment-based approach for core market
  • Build on presence in China and Brazil