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Appropriate patient management, IgM and IgG results from same sample tube
Screening patients for B19V antibody status will determine the need for further follow-up.
An IgG-positive, IgM-negative pregnant women should be reassured that B19V infection is not a cause for concern during their pregnancy.

Confidence in the results
Selected recombinant VP2 antigen for optimal test performance
Traceable to the WHO IS 01/602 for IgG, with results express in IU/mL.
No observed cross-reactivity with common viruses such as EBV, VZV and CMV

Streamlined workflow, rapid results and cost effective
Ready to use, 50 tests reagents cartridge with up to 60 days on-board storage.
Calibrate once every 21 days with common controls for both IgM and IgG assays
Suitable for use with serum or plasma (sodium heparin, sodium citrate, potassium EDTA) samples.

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