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IDS Specific IgE (M006) Alternaria alternata

Product Description

An automated assay for the quantitative determination of Specific IgE in human serum on the IDS System. The results are to be used as an aid in the diagnosis and management of allergic disorders in conjunction with other clinical findings. The presence of allergen-specific IgE antibodies in serum is referred to as sensitisation and is an important risk factor for allergic reactions upon re-exposure to the allergen (1).

Associated allergen:

  • M229 rAlt a 1 – Alternaria alternata
  • Most important serological markers: automated quantitative Total and Specific IgE
  • Traceable against the WHO 2nd International Standard for Human IgE 75/502
  • Clinically relevant and most prominent allergens
  • Components and extracts for specific and sensitive results
  • Aligned closely with recognised test guidelines (2)
  • Well correlated to another supplier
  • Rapidly increasing panel
    1. Hamilton RG. Allergic sensitization is a key risk factor for but not synonymous with allergic disease. J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2014 Aug;134(2):360-1
    2. Kespohl S, Raulf M. Mould allergens: Where do we stand with molecular allergy diagnostics? Part 13 of the series Molecular Allergology. Allergo J Int 2014; 23: 120–5

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IDS Specific IgE (M006) Alternaria alternata


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