Unique Features

  • Highly specific monoclonal antibodies directed to the active renin enzyme site
  • Low cross-reactivity to Prorenin (<2.8%)
  • Referenced to the IS WHO 68/356
  • Time to first result is 43 minutes
  • Accurate and reliable patient results standardisation with the WHO IRP 68/356
  • Demonstrated clinical application with validated cut-off for the Aldosterone to Renin Ratio
  • Cost effective, process standardisation, long-term consistency

The IDS-iSYS Direct Renin assay is intended for the quantitative determination of Direct Renin in human EDTA plasma on IDS Systems.

Results are to be used in conjunction with other clinical and laboratory data to assist the clinician in the assessment of hypertension related syndromes.

Plasma renin measurement is important in the diagnosis of the two most common forms of secondary hypertension which are Primary aldosteronism and Renovascular Hypertension. Plasma Renin evaluation can also help in selecting the most appropriate antihypertensive treatment.

The IDS-iSYS Direct Renin kit is based on chemiluminescence technology. Two monoclonal antibodies against renin are utilised. One is labelled with acridinium and the other with biotin.

Samples are incubated with both labelled antibodies along with buffer A and buffer B. Streptavidin coated magnetic particles are added and, following a further incubation step, the particles are captured using a magnet. After a washing step and addition of trigger reagents, the light emitted by the acridinium label is directly proportional to the concentration of Renin in the original sample.

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