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The CMV IgG test is a chemiluminescent immunoassay (CLIA), for use on IDS automated analyzers, for quantitative determination of specific IgG class antibodies directed against Cytomegalovirus virus in samples of human serum or plasma (K3-EDTA, Sodium Citrate).

This assay is used as a diagnostic aid when assessing immunity status of patients related to CMV (Cytomegalovirus) infection.

  • Complete panel for the diagnosis of the CMV infection, including CMV IgG, IgM and IgG Avidity
  • Significant sensitivity in the primary infection for both IgG and IgM tests
  • The Avidity assay can be run in the early stage of acute infection due to the high sensitivity of the IgG tests
  • The IgM titer decrease is correlated to the increasing value of the IgG avidity index
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