Unique Features

  • Calibrated using gold standard Isotope Dilution Mass Spectrometry from the RfB
  • Highly specific monoclonal antibody
  • No cross-reaction to spironolactone and fludrocortisone up to levels of 0.3mg/mL (<0.001%)
  • Time to first result is 43 minutes
  • No radioactive, hazardous waste
  • Reliable patient results due to calibration standardised to IDMS
  • Demonstrated clinical application with validated Aldo Renin Ratio (ARR) and suppression test cut-offs
  • Cost effective, process standardisation, long-term consistency

The IDS-iSYS Aldosterone assay is intended for the quantitative determination of Aldosterone in human EDTA plasma on the IDS-iSYS Multi-Discipline Automated System.

Results are to be used in conjunction with other clinical and laboratory data to assist in the clinical assessment of hypertension related syndromes

Aldosterone measurements are used in the diagnosis and treatment of Primary aldosteronism (a disorder caused by excessive secretion of aldosterone by the adrenal gland), hypertension caused by primary aldosteronism, selective hyperaldosteronism, oedematous states and other conditions of electrolyte balance.

The IDS-iSYS Aldosterone assay is based on chemiluminescence technology. A biotinylated monoclonal anti-aldosterone antibody is incubated with the sample, an aldosterone acridinium conjugate and streptavidin coated magnetic particles. Following a final incubation step, the particles, using a magnet, undergo a wash step and addition of trigger reagents. The light emitted by the acridinium label is inversely proportional to the concentration of aldosterone in the original sample.