Launch of Unique Rat / Mouse PINP Assay

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Immunodiagnostic Systems Holdings plc (IDS), a leading producer of diagnostic testing kits for the clinical and research markets, announces the launch of the worlds first assay for Rat/Mouse Type I procollagen amino-terminal propeptide (PINP), a biomarker for bone formation.

Determining the level of PINP in serum is of particular value in monitoring the efficacy of expensive bone therapies. Previously it was not possible to quantitate PINP in rats and mice, which are the main subjects used by the pharmaceutical industry, and so this assay will greatly aid in the assessment of new osteoporosis drug candidates in pre-clinical studies and in fundamental cancer research by pharmaceutical, Biomedical and academic research organisations.This new product has already been well received in pre-release evaluations. Customers particularly value the sensitivity and specificity of the method. A very small sample is required and it has total specificity for rodent PINP (human PINP is not recognised).The PINP biomarker product can now be used with other highly complementary assays already in the IDS range for research into bone disease and cancer. The availability of this assay could potentially give new insights and breakthroughs in the bone disease and cancer markets.
IDS designs, develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of immunoassay kits, and is particularly active in the field of Bone & Mineral metabolism with a growing presence in the field of Cancer Research.

Dr Roger Duggan, Managing Director of IDS, said, “This unique product fills a longstanding gap in the armoury of researchers seeking to understand the mechanisms of bone formation, and will aid in the identification of modulators of the growth of bone and of bone metastases. The launch of rat/mouse PINP also restates the commitment of IDS to the field of Bone & Skeletal biology and our ability to meet the needs of big Pharma. On a different level, the launch is particularly pleasing for IDS, as it represents the first successful launch of a new analyte developed by a Finnish consultant, in association with our subsidiary, SBA Sciences, acquired in 2005.”


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