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Multi-Discipline Automated System

Multi-Discipline Automated System

The IDS-iSYS Multi-Discipline Automated System is designed with the flexibility to accommodate unique and challenging assay requirements. The automated system brings testing efficiency and uncompromised quality to specialty immunoassay testing in laboratories of all types and volumes.

The IDS-iSYS Multi-Discipline Automated System is a unique concept that performs to enhance productivity and efficiency, with a high level of quality.

Benefits of IDS iSYS

In-house development

A truly versatile and compact analyser

Optimised up-time

Results you can trust

Dedicated support service

G.U.I software management

Decision-support software Growth panel

System Information

Pipeting area

Liquid level sensing & clot monitoring.

Decontamination process prevents sample carry-over.

Wide range of sample volumes. Sample mixed in cuvette. On-board sample pre-treatment.

Sample area

Up to 120 positions for samples, calibrators and controls (6 racks with 20 positions). Continuous
access, with all types of tube supported.

Reagent area

Up to 15 reagent positions

Continuous loading and automated barcode recognition


Patented single use cuvette design.

Continuous loading.

Up to 1120 cuvettes on board. Each cuvette box contains 960 cuvettes.

Analytical area

The Modular Analytical Platform (MAP) is a highly reliable assay processing system, with no user

Ancillary area

All ancillaries are ready to use and can be continuously loaded during a run. All information is logged for a full traceability.

  • Dimensions

    • System: L 105 x H 70 x W 75 cm
    • Weight: 103kg
    • PC: L 60 x H 40 x W 50cm

    Power supply

    • Voltage: 100 – 240 V
    • Frequency: 50 – 60 Hertz
    • Maximum power consumed: 750 VA


    • Sound level: up to 66 dB
    • The surrounding temperature must be between 18°C and 30°C
    • Emitted heat: up to 530 W (1808 BTU/h or 16.5 cal/s)
    • Relative humidity must be within 20 and 80% (non-condensing at 25°C)
    • Random access
    • Time to first results: < 25 minutes (assay dependent)
    • Up to 120 tests/hour (assay dependent)
    • > 600 results per day (assay dependent)
  • Luminometer

    • Wavelength: from 300 to 500 nm
    • Linearity: Up to 10 Million RLU


    • Spectrophotometer with LED technology
    • 12 wavelength interferential filters: 340, 405, 450, 500, 540, 550,
      580, 620, 650, 700, 720 and 750 nm
    • Linearity: Up to 3 Abs
    • Bi-chromatic mode availability
    • Optic path of cuvettes: 0.8 cm
  • Samples

    • 120 positions for samples, calibrators and controls (6 racks with
      20 positions)
    • Serum, plasma, urine, others (saliva…)
    • Sampling on Primary Tubes, Secondary Tubes, Micro cups,
      pediatric tubes
    • Default Sample tube library: Primary Tubes: 5 mL (13 x 75 mm),
      7 mL (13 x 100 mm), 10 mL (16 x 75 mm)
    • Secondary Tube: 5 mL (13 x 75 mm)
    • Micro cups: 500 mL, 2 mL
    • Other sample containers can be defined by the user
    • STAT sample
    • Automatic reading of barcoded sample tubes (positive identification)
    • Barcode types: Code 2/5, EAN/UPC, Code 39, Code 128 and Codabar
    • On-board dilution and automatic pre-treatment

    Reagent compartment

    • Up to 15 different immunoassay cartridges
    • Integrated reader for automatic reading of reagent cartridge barcodes
    • Onboard storage: 12 – 15 °C

    Sample handling

    • Single pipetting arm for samples and reagents
    • Liquid level detection by capacitance (samples and reagents)
    • Clot detection (by pressure transducer)
    • Internal and external rinsing between each pipetting of sample
    • Possibility of specific rinses using decontaminating solution
    • Preheating of sampling (reagents & samples)
    • Sample volumes: from 4 μl to 300 μl (assay dependent)


    • Temperature regulated at 37°C ± 0.5°C
    • 90 positions for disposable cuvettes
    • 4 Independent washers

    Cuvette loader

    • Loader for 1 x cube of cuvettes
    • 1 x cube contains 960 disposable cuvettes
    • 960 cuvettes on board
    • During operation, the capacity can be extended to 1120 cuvettes
    • Preheated loader

    Waste collection

    • 10 litres container for liquid waste
    • Solid Waste (cuvettes) disposed of in solid waste drawer
    • IDS-iSYS Liquid System (5 L)
    • IDS-iSYS Wash solution (10 L)
    • IDS-iSYS Triggers (250 mL each)
    • IDS-iSYS D-SORB Solution (2×1 L)
    • IDS-iSYS CCS
    • IDS-iSYS Cuvettes
    • IDS Immunocleaner
  • GUI

    • User level management
    • Continuous access to programming
    • Full traceability: patient results, calibrations, controls…
    • Automatic calibration. QC management: up to 4 levels, analysis by Levey-Jennings and Westgard rules (configurable) Lot management of reagents, calibrators and controls by barcodes
    • Reagent stability management
    • Local storage of 5,000 patient results (including traceability)
    • Connection to LIS: bidirectional communication (ASTM protocol), RS-232 or RJ45

    Operating system

    Minimum configuration required:

    • Operating system: Windows 7/10
    • Microprocessor: Type Core i5, 3.6 GHz
    • Live memory: 4 Gb
    • Hard disk: 500 Gb
    • Ethernet: 2 independent Ethernet network adaptors
    • Ports: USB ports (min 2 one of which at front)
    • Input devices: USB Keyboard (country specific), Mouse (optional)
    • Screen: 22 inches (touchscreen) monitor, speakers integrated
    • Screen resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
    • Peripherals: Reader-DVD writer, integrated graphics device

Filter Products




Assays Certification Clinical Area RUO/IVD
1,25 VitDXp CE Marked CKD-MBDVitamin D IVD
1,25-Dihydroxy Vitamin D CE Marked CKD-MBDSarcoidosisVitamin D IVD
17-OH Progesterone CE Marked Endocrine Reproductive IVD
25 VitDS CE Marked CKD-MBDVitamin D IVD
ACE CE Marked Sarcoidosis IVD
AMA (M2) CE Marked Liver Disease IVD
ANA Screen CE Marked Connective Tissue Disease IVD
Androstenedione CE Marked Endocrine Reproductive IVD




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