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IDS c10

Full Automation, Full Control

Discrete Analyser for Wet Chemistry

The IDS c10 is the medium throughput analyser that will enhance your testing capabilities. The IDS c10 can handle your analytical methods from different providers in one single compact instrument. The ideal solution to automate your wet chemistry analysis.

• Real random access for samples, reagents and consumables
• Easy and highly customisable protocol programming
• Full traceability of products, quality controls, calibrations and results
• Standalone and compact instrument with no water management required
• Optimised waste production and management
• Contamination free thanks to single-use cuvette and probe high-pulse probe rinsing

Benefits of IDS c10

Complete Automation

High Performance

Full Traceability

Easy-to-use Software

Low Laboratory Footprint

Open System


• Single use
• Easy loading box
• Proved reliability and performances
• Up to 1120 cuvettes on board

Sample Area

• 60 positions
• 10 independent racks
• Continuous access
• All types of tube supported
• Barcode reading enabled

Analytical Area

• No user maintenance
• Proven reliability
• Temperature control
• LED spectrophotometer

Reagent area

• Up to 40 positions
• 10 independent racks
• Continuous loading
• Intelligent multi-vials management
• Up to 3 reagents per protocol
• Barcode reading enabled


• Ready to use
• Barcode identification
• Full traceability

  • The IDS c10 can process up to 300 tests per hour (mono reagent methods) or 150 tests per hour (bi-reagent methods). It has a very convenient day long capacity for system consumables and reagents. Its loading capacity of 60 samples gives you a minimum walkaway time of 2 hours during which you can load more samples at any moment.

    The analyser wakes up automatically with an auto check routine so that you are ready to go when you arrive at the lab. At the end of the day, just wipe off the sampling probe then the  instrument cleans itself.

  • The IDS c10 can process simultaneously 60 samples with 40 different reagents. The reagents can be filled in 25mL or 40mL PE vials and you can chose between hard or pre-pierced soft caps. The probe is equipped with level capacity sensor and a clot detection for better reliability.

    The sample racks accept all standard tubes including micro cups. Each sample can be identified manually or automatically by barcode reading.

    The reagent area is cooled for higher stability. Our intelligent multi-vial management allows up to 1,200 mL same reagent capacity. The system manages in-use, on board and lot stability. Each reagent can be barcode identified.

  • The sampling probe is mounted on a high speed auto adjusted arm. We are using a high rinse pulsed cleaning between each analysis to make sure no contamination affects your results. Its wide sampling range – 4µL to 450µL – is adapted to depleted samples.

    Every reaction is temperature controlled at 37°C ±1°C. You have the choice between  enzymatic, colorimetric and turbidity methods with numerous dilution, timing and mixing options.

    The system uses a spectrophotometer with LED sources covering 13 wavelengths from 340nm to 880nm. We offer Bichromatic measurement and calculation for any of those.

    The quality of the results is guaranteed with accurate calibration and quality control management.

  • The IDS c10 is a standalone platform with dimensions L 100cm x H 68cm x D 60.5cm. It weighs 75 kg.

    The installation takes one day, a 120 cm wide space in your lab, a standard 10 Amp power plug but it does not require connection to a water system. You will have a complete autonomy after the 3 days training with our specialists.

  • The IDS interface offers a single and intuitive  “all-in-one” supervision screen with a short learning curve. It can easily meet your IT policy requirements.

    Data security is ensured by user role management with full traceability. Up to 5000 results can be stored at once. Your data are automatically backed up but they can also be printed or archived digitally with our full reporting capabilities.

    The  LIMS connection allows download and query workflows with automatic or rule based result transmission.

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Assays Certification Clinical Area RUO/IVD
1,25 Dihydroxy Vitamin D RIA CE Marked Vitamin D IVD
1,25 VitDXp CE Marked CKD-MBDVitamin D IVD
1,25-Dihydroxy Vitamin D CE Marked CKD-MBDSarcoidosisVitamin D IVD
1,25-Dihydroxy Vitamin D EIA CE Marked Vitamin D IVD
17-OH Progesterone CE Marked Endocrine Reproductive IVD
25 VitDS CE Marked CKD-MBDVitamin D IVD
25-Hydroxy Vitamin Dˢ EIA CE Marked Vitamin D IVD
ACE CE Marked Sarcoidosis IVD




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