Anke’s Career with IDS - From Sales and Marketing Coordinator to Business Manager

I joined IDS Germany (IDS GmbH) in July 2005, shortly after IDS GmbH company was founded, and was initially responsible for Customer Service and Administration.

I was delighted to join IDS at an early stage of its development in GmbH and was highly interested in healthcare management. For this reason I started my 2nd Master’s degree in Public Health in 2006 while working part time for IDS.

After the successful completion, I returned to IDS full-time. While the company continued its European growth I focused on the coordination of new direct sales activities in other countries. In 2011 I was promoted to Business Manager, responsible for Finance, Human Resources and Customer Service at IDS GmbH. Since April 2012 I have also been managing these departments at our IDS Nordic site based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Anke, IDS Germany & Nordic Business Manager