Senior Management Appointment – Dagmar Kasper

IDS, a leading producer of diagnostic testing kits, announces that following the creation of IDS Nordic in the wake of acquiring Nordic Bioscience Diagnostics (NBD), the company has appointed Dr Dagmar Kasper, aged 41, as Business Development Manager and Country Manager.

Dr Kasper attended Philipps University, Marburg, Germany, where she studied human biology and medicine, before undertaking her doctoral studies in Biochemistry at the Georg-August University, Göttingen, Germany. After 4 years of post-Doctoral research at the Centre for Neurobiology at the University of Hamburg, she entered the world of commerce, joining Nordic Bioscience Diagnostics in 2002.

Dagmar joined NBD as International Product Manager, later adding a Business Development role to her remit. In 2004, she became Head of Sales & Marketing, with global responsibility for the full range of NBD biomarkers. Her academic research career, with numerous publications in bone biology, gave her a valuable insight into possible applications and marketing initiatives. With increasing demand from major pharmaceutical and biotech companies (Pharma) in the United States, she moved to the USA where she successfully established Nordic Bioscience Diagnostics Inc in Virginia. She then went on to spearhead the direct sales of NDB products within the North American market and to develop business and strategic alliances, creating a presence for NBD in validation studies and clinical trials with big Pharma. NBD sales grew by ca 200% from 2006 to 2007.

In 2007, she returned to Europe to take a senior position in business development in the German biotech company, Epidauros, but happily for IDS, she has been enticed back to the new NBD, now IDS Nordic, where she takes the top job and joins the IDS Management team as Business Develop Manager.

Dagmar will preside over the establishment of this latest IDS international subsidiary, and be responsible for directing the sales and marketing activities, overseeing the orderly transfer of NBD production to IDSs Boldon facilities, and forging a new R&D interface with the Discovery team at Nordic Biosciences. Her experience in the US market, especially in relation to Pharma, will continue to be used in a special role interacting with colleagues at IDS Inc (Fountain Hills, Phoenix, AZ). As a Business Development Manager, Dagmar will use her experience to assess future marketing and business opportunities with the team of IDS Ltd.

NBD developed a unique range of immunoassays for bone and collagen biomarkers such as CTX-I, a marker of bone resorption, and CTX-II, a marker of collagen degradation that may be of particular importance in understanding the development, diagnosis and treatment of arthritis. IDS completed the acquisition of NBD and its IP portfolio in July (2007). The NBD products are highly complementary to those of IDS, and gives IDS a comprehensive range of Bone & Skeletal biomarkers unequalled by its competitors.

Dr Kasper said:
The enhanced product offering of highly complementary bone & skeletal biomarkers, together with automation on the 3×3, is an ideal position from which to lead bone and cartilage diagnosis and monitoring. This is an excellent opportunity to drive this important and expanding niche market. The combination of products and capabilities, and the scientific expertise within IDS, will further establish the Company as the global leader in this specialist sector, and as the preferred partner of a number of prominent pharmaceutical giants active in upcoming osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis therapies.

Tony Wilks, Sales & Marketing Director at IDS, commented:
Dagmar’s business strengths and detailed academic knowledge are immensely valuable to IDSs future strategy, especially in the fast growing markets of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Her reputation with key researchers worldwide, especially within the pharmaceutical Industry, will further enhance our international profile and positively impact sales.

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