IDS Launch Allergy

IDS are pleased to announce the launch of the Allergy panel on the IDS-iSYS Multi-Discipline Automated System. Omega Diagnostics, our partner, are developing a range of allergens and have appointed IDS as an exclusive, global distributor.

At launch, the initial menu includes 60 CE Marked assays for Specific IgE and Total IgE. The 60 allergens cover many of the most prominent and clinically relevant allergens from food (milk, nuts, fish and shellfish, eggs, fruits), epidermals, pollens (grass, trees, weeds), microorganisms, mites, insect venoms and occupational allergens. The assay range comprises of both extracts and molecular allergens to closely align with recognised testing guidelines.

IDS, in partnership with Omega Diagnostics, will be expanding the portfolio on an ongoing basis.

IDS enter another important clinical area, affecting more than 30% of the world population, with tests for allergy diagnostics. We are proud to offer a new automated diagnostic solution to further improve the outcome for patients. Our unique approach gives laboratories the possibility to automate and combine specialty tests from endocrinology, autoimmunity, infectious diseases and now allergy.

For further information, click here for our range of Allergy products.