CEO Discusses Value Created by IDS

“We are a specialist in-vitro diagnostic solution provider to the clinical laboratory market,” begins Jaap Stuut, the Group CEO of Immunodiagnostic Systems (IDS). His firm and proud statement is equally substantiated by the value that the company has created over the years. IDS has not only manufactured more than 1000 systems. Last year IDS launched three new CE marked automated assays, it has also partnered with Technogenetics SRL, which has allowed the company’s global sales rights to extend in the automated autoimmune and infectious disease assay range. “Our core focus is not only to develop, produce, manufacture, and distribute products, but also to increase the diagnostic value, and the last year has been an example of this” says Stuut.

Founded in 1977, for IDS, it has been a tale of many years dedicated toward development and provision of innovative, automated, and manual assays. The company’s development focus has been in the clinical areas of bone and calcium metabolism, growth, hypertension, and chronic kidney disease. To this end, the company has designed the IDS-iSYS automated system with the flexibility to accommodate unique and challenging requirements, which ultimately brings testing efficiency and high-end quality to specialty immunoassay testing. Above all, it is the close-knit partnership that IDS has maintained with its clients that has propelled it toward success. Stuut states an example, “By communicating with our customers, we know that there is a need for specialty immune assays that most other companies do not develop.”

IDS produces both manual and automated assays. The automated side of the business also comprises of the sale or placements of the IDS instruments, IDS also sells manual assays to laboratories through the manual segment. The main reason behind this business process is the company’s aim to serve the labs which don’t have the size to warrant the placement of a closed automated system.

Additionally, a laboratory may compliment their core lab system with a complementary instrument or ELISA technique for manual testing if these tests are not offered by the core lab system supplier. IDS is a supplier of both the automated and manual ELISA assays and can fulfil specialty immunoassay needs for laboratories.

Being a niche player in the in-vitro diagnostic solution arena, IDS’s system is one of the best random-access instruments in its segment and performance category. Further, the company offers its OEM customers state-of-the-art technology ‘off the shelf’. “They do not have to go through the multi-year process of designing a new instrument from scratch in cooperation with companies specialized in this business,” states Stuut. “The key to success in this business unit is continued progress by our R&D teams in developing new instrument technology which can be monetized by our commercial team.”

IDS is one of the companies in the market offering random access system solutions with the experience of an IVD company and going forward they aim to increase the number of operational sectors. In the near future, IDS will be collaborating with competent distributors of different territories in many different countries. “Our current distribution focus areas are South and Latin America, and the APAC region as well, which will substantiate our presence in China and Japan,” concludes Stuut.


Source: Med Tech Outlook (p.16)