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Our Teams

We are a diverse team, made up of employees worldwide, who work closely to deliver outstanding achievements.

The sites we have are international, yet the teams have a close community spirit and form great working relationships globally.

Click on each function below to find how they support IDS, and where they are based.

  • The Research and Development Team work on the creation of new IDS immunoassays which after going through various regulatory processes, will then be available to our customers. We have teams based in the UK, Italy, and Belgium. Roles in this function include R&D Managers, Development Scientists, and R&D Technicians.

    The Instrument Research and Development Team are based at our site in Pouilly, France. This team work on the development of a new instrument, to process the automated assays that are used in larger scale laboratories such as hospitals.

  • The IT department provide, maintain and support the use of technology for all employees throughout the company at all our sites. This function is based at our head office in Boldon, UK. Roles within the department include Group IT Manager, ERP Analysts, Helpdesk, and Systems Engineers.

  • Finance is a key business support function, with teams based at all our European sites. This function supports all departments across the business and is responsible for all financial processes and reporting. Roles within the department include Finance Director, Financial Controller, Finance Manager, Accountant, and Accounts Assistant.

  • The IDS Marketing team have two main functions.

    Our digital marketing team are responsible for creating valuable and appealing content, to promote IDS as a leading in vitro diagnostic solution provider.

    The Global Product Specialists are scientific experts in how our products are used in the global market, and support with product planning, through the product life cycle to product launch.

  • The Sales Team is responsible for introducing our product ranges to new and existing customers. They are product experts, who assist customers by providing diagnostic solutions through our range of manual ELISA’s, automated assays and the IDS Automated Systems.

    In this team we have Sales Managers, Sales Specialists, Accounts Managers, and Product Managers.

  • The Human Resources department support employees, managers, and the wider company with all people related responsibilities. We have HR Business Partners based at all our European sites, and the HR Director, Learning and Development Partner and Recruitment Business Partner based at our UK Head Office.

  • Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs are an essential function for a medical device company. We have teams at the four key sites in Europe where we manufacture our products.

    Quality Assurance ensure that all departments involved in the manufacturing of our products are fully compliant with the agreed processes of our standard operating procedures. They also ensure that all support functions operate in the agreed processes.

    Regulatory affairs are responsible for the registration of our products in the countries where they are distributed to ensure they meet the standard regulatory requirements.

  • The Sales Support department receive and process customer orders. They are responsible for tracking all orders, ensuring shipments meet the requirements of the customers globally. They assist was all customers queries and support with any information they need. The Group Sales Support Manager is based in the UK Head office and manages teams in the UK, Germany, and Italy.

  • The Technical Service and Field Service Teams are responsible for in person or remote solutions relating to our IDS Multi-Discipline Automated System. We have technical service specialists and managers in the UK and Germany who aim to support customers remotely. Where a remote solution is not possible, the Field Service Engineers and Field Application specialists will visit customers throughout Europe.

  • Production takes place in a controlled laboratory environment at four of our European sites. Each site is responsible for manufacturing different product ranges. In the UK and Italy, they mainly focus on the production of manual ELISA Kits, Belgium produce our Automated Assays and France are responsible for the production of our Multi-Discipline Automated System.

  • This department support IDS by ensuring that all products maintain a very high standard of quality.

    QC Technicians inspect and test raw materials and components before they are used in production. They then test our finished products before they are released to our external customers.

    We have QC Teams at all of our European manufacturing sites in the UK, France, Belgium and Italy.

  • Logistics are the last department in the company to handle our products before they reach our customers. They make sure that our products are packed in shipped carefully providing the highest quality of service to our customers.

    We have logistics teams based at our four European manufacturing sites in the UK, France, Belgium and Italy. Roles in this department include Logistics Manager, Warehouse operator, and order fulfilment.

  • The Purchasing Team are responsible for sourcing all materials needed for manufacturing, and distribution of our products. We have a purchasing team at all the European manufacturing sites. They support the site with all their purchasing needs. Roles within the department include Purchasing Manager, Buyer and Purchasing Assistant.

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