AIM 26 Summary

Immunodiagnostic System Holdings PLC (IDS) is a global medical diagnostics business dedicated to the development and provision of innovative automated and manual assays. Our development focus is in the clinical areas of bone and calcium metabolism, growth, hypertension and kidney disease. Our IDS-iSYS system provides a compact bench top system that fully automates immunoassay testing.

IDS designs, manufactures and sells immunoassay kits, which are used to measure or detect particular substances within a sample, thus aiding the diagnosis or monitoring of a disease or providing information for research studies. IDS manufactures manual assays as well as automated assays for use on its reliable and easy to use IDS-iSYS instrument. It has manufacturing sites in the UK, Belgium and France, and direct distribution in the UK, France, Germany, the US and Brazil. Other territories are served through third-party distributors.

  • Mr J Stuut – CEO
  • Mr P J Martin – Group Finance Director and Company Secretary
  • Dr B Wittek – Chairman
  • Mr P J Williamson – Non-executive Director
  • Dr K P Kaspar – Non-executive Director

The Board has overall responsibility for determining and directing the Group’s corporate strategy. It considers and approves the annual business plan and monitors performance of the Group against that plan.

The Board designs internal controls to provide the directors with reasonable assurance that its assets are safeguarded, that transactions are authorised and properly recorded, and that material errors and irregularities are either prevented or will be detected within a timely period. The Board has overall responsibility to reviewing the effectiveness of these controls.

The Directors are responsible for preparing the Annual Report and Group Financial Statements in accordance with governing laws and regulations.

The Board has established three committees with specific terms of reference:

Terms of reference for each Committee can be found by clicking on the Committee.

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IDS is subject to the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers.

England and Wales.

IDS is incorporated in England and Wales. Its main country of operation is England, however it has significant distribution and manufacturing sites in Europe, the USA and Brazil.

Number of AIM securities in issue as at 31st January 2021: 28,784,097 (excluding 666,078 treasury shares)

IDS holds 666,078 ordinary shares as treasury shares and the company’s issued share capital (excluding shares held as treasury shares) consists of 28,784,097 shares.

Percentage of AIM securities not in public hands as at 31st January 2021: 42.31%

Company Name Number of ordinary shares of 2p each Percentage of issued share capital
Forum European Smallcaps GmbH 989,876 3.52%
Forum Venture Capital GmbH 6,936,188 24.67%
Axxion SA 2,795,252 9.94%
Frankfurter Investmentgesellschaft mit variablem Kapital (SICAV) 2,419,648 8.61%
Schroders plc 3,267,802 11.62%
Polar Capital European Forager Fund Ltd 1,143,572 4.07%
Shareholder Value Beteiligungen AG 1,645,000 5.85%

The details of major shareholders are based on the notifications received by the Company, under the Disclosure and Transparency Rules, of the percentage of voting rights held. This information may not be up to date as shareholders are only required to provide notification to the Company if their shareholding reaches, exceeds or falls below 3% and each 1% threshold above 3%. Further, in accordance with AIM Rule 26, this information is updated every six months and was last updated on 31st January 2021.

Restrictions on the transfer of AIM securities: N/A

Latest Annual Report: Year ended 31 March 2020

Latest Interim Report: 6 months ended 30 September 2020

RNS notifications in the last 12 months can be found here